Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ethnic Problem of Sindh.

Sindh is facing a hostage like situation in the hands of 10% population, which stills claims to be U.P.  WALAY,  C.P.  WALAY. Here is an analysis of Sindh population and its inhabitants.

The Population of Sindh is divided at 60% Sindhi and 40 Non- Sindhi inhabitants. Out of 40% Non- Sindhis, 5% is Pathans, 10 % Punjabis and 25% are Muhajir’s or settlers who migrated at the time of partition and afterwards. The settlers(Muhajir’s) can further be divided on the basis of ethnicity as 5% are Gujarati, 10 %  Rajisthani and 10% belongs to U.P and C.P areas.

It’s a fact that Sindh has peculiar history and civilization which is recognized worldwide as Indus Valley Civilization. The Sindhi culture and language absorbed every other contributing culture in it and the new comers to Sindh soil got merged like its own inhabitants. We have a recent example that in 1901 Nara Canal and in 1932 Sukkur Barrage lands were allotted to Punjabi settlers in Rural Sindh aiming to increase CULTIVATING area of Sindh. With the passage of time, those Punjabis adopted Sindhi language and culture and they are no more Punjabi now, but can be termed the son of Sindh soil. So with this Sindhi population increase from 60 % to 65%.

While in Karachi, the ratio of the Punjabi Pathan population is also 5% each of the total population of Sindh. Although, these Punjabis and Pathans settled in Karachi at a much later stage, but they feel comfortable with Sindhi culture irrespective of U.P and C.P Gunga Jumna culture which is supposed alien by these Punjabis and Pathans. So the goodwill between Sindhis and Punjabi, Pathans live in Karachi makes them closer and the Punjabis and Pathans in Karachi keep a safe distance from Gunga Jumna culture naturally.

Now come to 25% population consisting of Muhajir’s which are comprised of Gujrati, Rajisthani and U.P and C.P areas. Out of the 25 % Muhajir’s, 5% are Gujaratis.The Gujrati faction of Muhajir’s is culturally close to Sindhis as they are geographically neighbors and their culture and traditions have strong impacts on each other. But sad enough that these Gujratis feel proud and easy to be in line with Muhajir’s of U.P and C.P just because they are businessmen and are a bit afraid of agrarian culture of Sindh. Interestingly, Sindhis don’t consider them settlers or alien to their land and now Gujratis too want to come out of the grip of Gunga Jumna culture. In addition of 5% Gujratis, one can assume that 80% of Sindh population are coherent and love to live peacefully, with the same arguments.

Rajisthani 10% proportion of the settlers too are geographically, socially and culturally closer to Sindhis than Gunga Jumna culture. In Hyderabad, 80 % settlers belong to Gujrati and Rajisthani faction of settlers while the proportion of U.P and C.P CULTURED PEOPLE IS BELOW 20%. But interestingly, the leadership of urban Hyderabad revolves always in  the hand of UP, C.P people just because the cleaver policy by which they portray the Sindhis an ENEMY OF SETTLERS.

The start of Muhajir ethnic politics was 1985. By the time, Punjabis and Pathans living in Karachi and Sindh have clearly recognized the reality of Muhajir politics. These people know now that after 64 years, Muhajir’s of UP, CP didn’t change their mentality and have become a blackmailing force in Sindh as well as at National, level.

It’s a fact that there is no collision between Sindhis and cultures of Gujratis and Rajisthanis, just like Punjabis and Pathans. So all these ethnicities never felt hostile to each other, but lived and prospered peacefully and honorably.

The million dollar question is that why 10% so called Muhajir’s from UP, CP want to make hostage all Sindhis as well as other Nations who live in Sindh peacefully!!!!!!