Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Punjab and Punjabis on Path of Disintegration.

Pakistan is a State of four nation i.e; Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan, Baloch. Population of Pakistan nationality-wise comprises as; Punjabis 60%, Sindhi 12%, Pathan 8%, Muhajir 8%Baloch 4% and Others 4%.
Even though in Pakistan, 97% Punjabis, Pukhtoon’s, Sindhis, Balochis and Muhajir’s are Muslim, but in matter of fact, excluding Punjab, in all the parts of Pakistan, politics is ethnic and somewhat anti Punjabi and Punjab. At present Punjabis are under abomination, loathing and hate in Karachi by Muhajir’s, in Sindh by Sindhis, in Baluchistan by Balochis and in Pakhtoonkhwa by Pukhtoon’s.
In Punjab, political trends follow perceptions of clans and community emotions. In the result Punjab and Punjabis are in process of disintegration into Pothohari, Hindko, Jhangochi / Rachnavi/ Changvi or Chenavari, Shahpuri, Dhani, Saraiki/‏Multani, Malwi, Doabi, Pwadhi and Dogri dialect clans and degenerating into Aheers, Arains, Awans, Dogars, Gakhars, Gujjars, Jats, Kambohs, Khokhars, Mughals, Rajputs, Sheikhs, Syeds etc communities.
In united India all the Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Christian Punjabis were a nation because of common land, language, culture, traditions, race, etc. The religion was a personal subject whereas; clans and communities were the institutions for social interaction and charity work.
Punjab was a secular region and Punjabi was a respectable and honorable language, culture and nation in India, but in 19th century due to politics of congress dominated by Hindi speaking leaders. Hindu Punjabis started preferring Hindi language, culture and traditions instead of Punjabi. Later on, Muslim Punjabis did the same due to influence of Muslim League, dominated by Urdu speaking Muslim leaders.
Because of preferring the Hindi language, culture and traditions by Hindu Punjabis and Urdu language, culture and traditions by Muslim Punjabis, “A Great Nation Got Divided by the Clans of Same Nation” and started receiving the reward of hate and regret by every honorable nation, even from Hindi and Urdu speaking persons. This is the punishment for Punjabis for not respecting their mother land, language, culture and traditions.
Atmosphere of Punjab and mind set of Punjabis are still following the path of national breakdown , disintegration and degeneration by avoiding the rules of nature, principals of sociology and procedures of politics for the grooming of great nations. Accordingly common land, language, culture and traditions are counted as the basic binding forces for assembling the clans and communities to outward appearance of a nation.
Yet Punjabis don’t have the respect, regard and honor for their mother land language, culture and traditions. Therefore, the basic and vital binding force for Punjab and Punjabis, i.e.; Punjabi language is not the official and educational language of Punjab because of that, Punjab and Punjabis are on way of breakdown into Majhi, Saraiki, Jangli, Shahpuri, Dhani, Pothohari, Hindko etc dialects leading towards the disintegration into Siraiki v/s Derewali v/s Thalochi v/s Multani v/s Riasuti v/s Jangli v/s Mianwali v/s Hindkowan v/s Kashmiri v/s Pothari v/s Majhi, Malwi, Doabi, Pwadhi etc clans and conflict along with degeneration into Aheers v/s Arains v/s Awans v/s Dogars v/s Gakhars v/s Gujjars v/s Jats v/s Kambohs v/s Khokhars v/s Mughals v/s Rajputs v/s Sheikhs v/s Syeds etc communities and clashes.
In matter of fact, the dialects spoken in different regions of Punjab have a common vocabulary and a shared heritage. All Punjabi clans and communities are part and parasol of “Great Punjab”. “The Land of Five Rivers” with the back ground of five thousand years of historical heritage, land, language, culture, traditions and civilization called as; “Indus Valley Civilization”. Therefore, in Non-Punjabi Nations all dialects, clans and communities of Punjab are identified, recognized and treated as Punjabis.
It is in best interest of Punjab and Punjabis to adopt the “Punjabi Culture and Traditions” along with “Punjabi Language” at official and educational level for assimilation of different clans of Punjabis and to unite the Punjab for their future affluence, prosperity, wealth and most important for respect, regard and honor of Punjab and Punjabis.
Is it not logical that; if a nation doesn’t have the respect, regard and honor for their own land, language, culture and traditions then that nation will not face the process of breakdown, disintegration and degeneration?
Is it not logical that; if a nation doesn’t have the respect, regard and honor for their own land, language, culture and traditions then how some other nation may hope the same from that nation? In the past, same misshape was experienced by Bengalis and at present the interaction and relationship is complex with Sindhis, Pukhtoon’s and Balochis…. The Nations… have great respect, regard and honor for their own land, language, culture and traditions.