Saturday, 21 November 2015

UP-ites are Cultivating the Hindu Fundamentalism in Nations of India?

India is not a homogeneous state, either religiously or ethnically, therefore, the pseudo-binding force between nations of India is a fear of Islam and Pakistan. This binding force is negative because of floating on Anti-Islam and Anti-Pakistan emotional sentiments, not positive due to lacking in the own ideology of Indian nations for mutual bonding.

As the Hindustanis (Hindi-Urdu speaking, Gunga Jumna culture people of UP, CP called as UP-ites) has administrative, social, economic and political domination and supremacy upon other nations of India. Therefore, because of conspirator mindset, they adopted the methodology of exploiting the Maratha nation, Bhojpuri nation, Telugu nation, Tamil nation, Rajasthani nation, Kannada nation, Gujarati nation, Oriya nation, Malayalam nation, Assamese nation, Hindu Bengali, Hindu Punjabi, Sikh Punjabi against Pakistan by propagating the Pakistan as a Muslim Fundamentalist State and cultivating the Hindu Fundamentalism in nations of India to fulfill the requirement of binding force between nations of India.

The top 3 bigger nations of British India were;

1. Bengali nation.
2. Hindustani nation. (Hindi-Urdu speaking people of UP, CP)
3. Punjabi nation.

After dividing the Bengali nation and Punjabi nation on the ground of religion and creating the Pakistan as a Muslim Punjabi-majority state with +100 Million population and Bangladesh as a Muslim Bengali majority state with a +100 million population, now the bigger nation of India is UP-ite with +200 Million population.

The division of British India on grounds of "Two Nation Theory", created and propagated on ground of Religious emotions and hate by the UP-ite Hindi-speaking Hindus and UP-ite Urdu speaking Muslims to divide British India and to control the governance of India and Pakistan was wrong because, Religion is a personal subject for moral character building and spiritual development for the life of the hereafter, not for political affairs, social domination and economic manipulation in worldly business.

Therefore, without dividing Bengali Nation and Punjabi Nation, British India was required to be divided into 13 Nations with the status of independent nations for providing the administrative, social, economic and political liberty to the nations of British India. i.e;

01. Maratha nation.
02. Bhojpuri nation.
03. Telugu nation.
04. Tamil nation.
05. Rajasthani nation.
06. Kannada nation.
07. Gujarati nation.
08. Oriya nation.
09. Malayalam nation.
10. Assamese nation.
11. Bengali Nation.
12. Punjabi Nation.
13. Hindustani nation. (Gunga Jumna Culture, Hindi-Urdu speaking people of UP, CP) 

Nowadays, due to the consciousness of nations of India about the fact that; they are under the administrative, social, economic and political domination and supremacy of UP-ites, the disintegration of present India is predicted same as happened with U.S.S.R. Because, in the future, administratively, socially, economically and politically weak nations of India will not tolerate to remain slaves of UP-ites, for the reason that, it is resulting in low social, administrative, economic, and political life of other nations of India as compared to the UP-ites.