Monday, 30 May 2016

Brief introduction of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a state of 200 million people.

Pakistan is a heterogeneous state of Punjabi, Sammat, Hindko, Brohi people.

Pakistan has four provinces;
1. Punjab
2. Sindh
3. KPK
4. Baluchistan.

All the provinces of Pakistan are heterogeneous.

Actual and original inhabitants of Punjab province are Punjabi people.

Actual and original inhabitants of Sindh province are Sammat people.

Actual and original inhabitants of KPK province are Hindko people.

Actual and original inhabitants of Baluchistan province are Brahvi people.

Pakistan is composed of the area of Indus Valley Civilization.

The Population of Pakistan may be classified into seven groups. 

Four groups of Indus Valley Civilization people are; 1. Punjabi 2. Sammat 3. Hindko 4. Brohi. They are the native people of Pakistan.

Three groups i.e; 1. Afghani background people called as Pathan 2. Kurdish background people called as Baloch 3. Hindustani background people called as Muhajir are the invaders and infiltrators in Pakistan.