Sunday, 10 July 2016

Drop Scene of Dividing Punjab Conspiracy in 2013 with Saraiki Stunt.

Saraiki is a conspiracy against the Punjabi language by combining three dialects of Punjabi i.e; Multani Punjabi + Derawali Punjabi + Riyasti Punjabi = Saraiki, as a new language. How can the dialects of the same language be a new language?

In Punjab, a stunt with the name of Saraiki was initiated in 1962 through the Baloch, Pathan and some Arab background settlers of southern Punjab.

Saraiki stunt is continually exploited by the Urdu media, which is dominated by the illegal refugees from UP, CP region of India.

Saraiki stunt is motivated by the MQM which is a fascist and a terrorist organization of Urdu Speaking Muhajirs of UP, CP, under cover of a political party.

Saraiki stunt is continuously sponsored by the Sindhi, Pathan and Baloch politicians, journalists and intellectuals.

Saraiki stunt is a proxy politics of Sindh based Sindhi political party PPP.

The Purpose of Saraiki stunt is to divide Punjab and Punjabi nation in fragments by creating dialects confusion and dispute in the Punjabi nation to rule Punjab and Punjabi nation.

Therefore, Bahawalpur South Punjab (BSP) was the name of a new province proposed by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Government in the National assembly of Pakistan in January 2013.

Bahawalpur South Punjab (BSP) was purposed to be created in the southernmost region of Pakistan's Punjab province, partially as a response to the Conspiracy of Saraiki Stunt to create a separate province on areas of Multani Punjabi, Riyasti Punjabi and Derawali Punjabi dialect speakers of Western Punjabi language.

However, due to following criticism, the proposal could not materialize.

Nine out of 13 districts to be included in the proposed province had rejected the proposal, citing the following reasons:

There is the majority of the Punjabi population in five districts that is;

1. Bahawalnagar 2. Vehari 3. Khanewal 4. Mianwali 5. Bhakkar. They identify themselves with north Punjab rather than South Punjab.

Baloch people are in majority in the districts of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur, who identify themselves with Baloch identity. They want their own separate Koh-Suleman province.

The popular demand of the residents of Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan is a separate province in the steps of the former princely state Bahawalpur.

In the remaining four districts 1. Multan 2. Muzaffargarh 3. Layyah 4. Lodhran, nearly 75% population is Majhi dialect of Punjabi speaking, who objected to the creation of a separate province based on linguistic criteria.

Additionally, the political parties campaigning for the creation of Saraikistan also rejected the new province as incompatible with their agendas, while Pakistan People's Party denounced the proposal as a "Political Stunt".