Monday, 4 July 2016

Strange Habit of Non-Punjabi’s in Pakistan.

It is a strange habit of Non-Punjabi’s in Pakistan that; they all the time cry against Punjab and Punjabi’s.

They feel proud to be Sindhi, Muhajir, Baloch, and Pathan. They always talk about their region, race, culture, language, rights, and leaders.

They always float slogans like Jeay Sindh, Jeay Muhajir, Azad Balochistan, Pukhtoonistan etc. But when Punjabi’s respond in the same tone, they all become preachers of Islam and Pakistan.

What does it indicate?

1. Non-Punjabi’s are faithful Muslims and patriotic Pakistani’s but they have real grievances from Punjab and Punjabi’s?

2. Non-Punjabi’s are in the minority as compared to 60% Punjabi’s; therefore they feel fear from the unity of Punjab and Punjabi’s on basis of region, nation, culture and language?

3. Non-Punjabi’s are addicted to blackmail and pressurize Punjab and Punjabi’s?

4. Non-Punjabi’s are more active in politics on the basis of region, race, culture, and language, therefore they are habituated to arrange and manage the mandate of Non-Punjabi’s on an emotional basis to preside over Punjabi’s by receiving more share in political leadership and governance of Pakistan?