Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Ethno-linguistic Groups in Baluchistan.

Baluchistan is a heterogeneous population province. The Ethnolinguistic population of Baluchistan households, whose primary language is;

Pashto constitutes 39%
Brahvi constitutes 13%
Makrani constitutes 13%,
Rakhshani constitutes 10%
Sulemani constitutes 7%

The remaining 18% of the population speaks various languages, including Punjabi, Hazargi, Lasi, Urdu, Sindhi, Saraiki, Dehvari, Persian, Tajik, Hindko, Uzbik, and Hindki.

Pashto is mainly spoken in the north and north-west including Quetta. In Barkhan and Musakhel districts bordering Punjab,

Brahvi is spoken in the central Baluchistan, Kalat, and Mastung.

Makrani is mostly spoken in south coastal areas. In addition, the coastal region of Makran is home to communities such as the Siddi and Med, who speak distinct ethnic dialects.

Rakhshani is spoken in the sparsely populated west.

Sulemani is spoken by the tribal east, mainly by Murree Bughtis.

Sindhi is spoken in the southeast. The Jamot tribes of Sibi Naseerabad and Kachhi region mainly speak Jadgali (Sindhi).

Lasi is spoken by the majority population of District Lasbela.

Saraiki (Khetrani and Jafri dialects) is the local language.

There are also a number of speakers of Punjabi, Hazaragi Persian, Urdu in the capital Quetta and other areas of Baluchistan. Farsi Persian is also spoken.