Friday, 18 November 2016

Indus Valley had no link with “Two Nation Theory”. By Tariq Jatala

When the two-nation theory on the basis of the Hindu-Muslim divide was coined in UP/CP, Punjab and most of the land commonly known as Indus Valley was sovereign where there was no religious based nationalistic divide.

Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians were living in a peaceful secular atmosphere in Indus Valley. But, after the annexation of Punjab and induction of Urdu (besides English) in the educational system of Punjab and consequently the nonstop flow of sectarian religious literature in Urdu, marred the peaceful secular face of Punjab.

What happened in 1947 was the result of this religious divide which Britishers brought with them and which was further widened by the politicians, scholars, reformers intellectuals and poets belonging to their ancestral religion.

Two nation theory meant that in India there are two nations, Hindu and Muslim and because these two nations are totally different in all of the aspects of life, therefore, they can not live with each other in a peaceful atmosphere.

It is irony of history that Punjab which had no link what so ever with two nation theory was made the experimental ground of this theory resulting in the biggest holocaust of Twentieth century and UP/CP which was the land of two nation theory remained safe and both (warring nations?) Muslims and Hindus are living side by side in a generally peaceful atmosphere.