Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Languages Spoken in the KPK Province of Pakistan.

It is a misconception that all the residents of the KPK Province of Pakistan are Pashto speaking Pathan. Whereas, in a matter of fact;

1. Pashto is spoken and understood mainly in the central districts of KPK.

2. Hindko, a dialect of Punjabi language is spoken by the majority in Hazara Division and also in the central old city areas of Nowshera, Kohat, and Peshawar.

3. Saraiki, a dialect of Punjabi language is spoken by the majority in the southern districts of DI Khan and Tank.

4. Khowar is spoken by people in the north, especially, by the majority in the district of Chitral.

5. Kohistani is spoken by the majority in Kohistan district and the north half of Swat district.

6. Standard Punjabi, is spoken by the minority living in the major cities and all cantonment areas of KPK.

7. Gojri is spoken by the minority in the northern hilly areas of the province.