Thursday, 28 January 2016

What is the Saraiki Stunt in Punjab?

Saraiki is a conspiracy against the Punjabi language by combining three dialects of Punjabi i.e; Multani Punjabi + Derawali Punjabi + Riyasti Punjabi = Saraiki, as a new language. How the dialects of the same language can be a new language?

In South Punjab, a stunt with the name of Saraiki was initiated in 1962 through the Arabic, Baloch and Pathan settlers of Punjab.

Saraiki stunt is continually exploited by the Urdu media, which is dominated by the illegal refugees from UP, CP region of India.

Saraiki stunt is motivated by the MQM which is a fascist and a terrorist organization of Urdu Speaking Muhajirs of UP, CP, under cover of a political party.

Saraiki stunt is continuously sponsored by the Sindhi, Pathan and Baloch politicians, journalists and intellectuals.

Saraiki stunt is a proxy politics of Sindh based Sindhi political party PPP.

The Purpose of Saraiki stunt is to divide Punjab and Punjabi nation in fragments by creating dialects confusion and dispute in the Punjabi nation to rule Punjab and Punjabi nation.