Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Blunder With Punjab and Punjabi Nation.

After Hindi/Urdu Speaking UP, CP people of Gunga Jumna, Bengali was second and Punjabi was third biggest nation of British India.

The Creation of Pakistan, after dividing Bengalis and Punjabis on ground of religion was a blunder with Bengali and Punjabi nation.

Punjabi nation was not in favor to retain Bengalis in Pakistan therefore, the independent status of Bengali nation was willing and right of Bengalis and 
India can not be credited for the disintegration of East Pakistan.

India had failed to disintegrate West Pakistan by proxy to Pathan people for creation of Pukhtoonistan. Proxy to Baloch people for creation of Independent Baluchistan. Proxy to Sindhi people for creation of Sindhu Desh. Proxy to Urdu Speaking Hindustani Muslim people of UP, CP in Karachi for creation of Jinnah Pur. Because, after the creation of Bangladesh as an independent state of Bengalis, now Pakistan is a Punjabi state with 60% Punjabi population with small minorities of Pathan people, Baloch people, Sindhi people, Urdu Speaking Hindustani people and many more communities.

In matter of fact, neither the 
India was able to play winning role during great game between U.S.A and U.S.S.R. Nor India will be able to play winning role in the great game between U.S.A and China. Because, Punjabi state Pakistan has the ability, capability and capacity to play the global game and to counter and compete India at the same time.

However, fate of India is to liberate nations of India, because, now Marathi nation, Bhojpuri nation, Telugu nation, Tamil nation, Rajasthani nation, Kannada nation, Gujarati nation, Oriya nation, Malayalam nation, Assamese nation, Hindu Bengali, Hindu Punjabi, Sikh Punjabi of India will not tolerate to remain slaves of Hindi Speaking Hindustanis of UP, CP in the future.