Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabi Nationalism.

Punjabi is the world's 9th most spoken languages and brave martial nation. Punjabi’s are inhabitant of all over the world. Punjab is the homeland of Great Nation of Sub-continent. Yet, socially and politically Punjabi is a depressed and deprived nation due to the hegemony of Urdu and Hindi language, Gunga Jumna culture, supremacy of UP-ites and UP-ite mindsets in policy making and decision taking of national affairs and foreign relationship since from 1849.

After an era of Ranjeet Singh, during the rule of the British Empire in Punjab, British rulers imposed martial law in Punjab. To govern Punjab and to switch over assimilation characteristics of Muslim and Hindu Punjabi’s from “Nation to Religion”, British Empire brought Urdu-speaking Muslim and Hindi-speaking Hindu Bureaucracy, Establishment, Teachers, Mullah’s and Pundit’s from UP to Punjab. As a result, nationalist Punjabi became a socially and politically depressed and deprived nation due to the hegemony of Urdu and Hindi language, Gunga Jumna culture and UP-ite traditions. It resulted supremacy of UP-ites and UP-ite mindsets in policy making and decision taking in national affairs and foreign relationship, managed, motivated and sponsored by the British rulers to eliminate the Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Christian Punjabi’s into different religions and languages to secure their rule over last captured land and martial race of Sub-Continent.

However, due to the struggle of nationalist Punjabi’s during British rule in India, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Christian Punjabi’s were still a nation because of common land, language, culture and traditions. The religion was a personal subject of faith, although, religious dissimilarity was a natural reality. However, clans moreover, communities were the institutions for social interaction and charity work. Punjab was a secular region and Punjabi was a respectable and honorable language, culture and nation in India.

In 19th century due to politics of congress, dominated by Hindu and Hindi speaking leaders, Hindu Punjabi started preferring Hindi language, culture and traditions instead of Punjabi. Later on, Muslim Punjabi’s did the same due to the influence of the Muslim League, dominated by the UP-ites Urdu speaking Muslim leaders and presence of UP-ite Muslims in Punjab.

As a consequence of preferring Hindi language, culture and traditions by Hindu Punjabi’s and Urdu language, culture and traditions by Muslim Punjabi’s. The characteristics of assimilation to accomplish the sociological instinct started to switch from “Nation to Religion” and “A Great Nation of Sub-Continent Got Divided and Get Emerged into Muslim and Hindu States” as well as, started receiving the reward of hate and regret from every honorable nation, in addition to the humiliation, loathing and abuse from Hindi and Urdu speaking persons. This is the punishment of Punjabi’s for not respecting their motherland, language, culture and traditions. Anyway, Evolution exists everywhere, without realizing that, it is at right direction or wrong.

At present Pakistani Punjabi's are on path of Punjabi nationalism within Pakistan however, what is the position of Indian Punjabi's?

In “International Punjabi nationalism”, the position of Sikh Punjabi is different from Muslim and Hindu Punjabi. Sikh Punjabi's are exclusive Punjabi's by the virtue of Nation, Land and Religion, but position of Muslim and Hindu Punjabi is different from Sikh Punjabi.

Muslim Punjabi's are also having assimilation with Non-Punjabi Muslims by virtue of Religion likewise Hindu Punjabis also having assimilation with Non-Punjabi Hindus.

As Punjabi is the 9th most spoken language of world and according to worldwide population of Punjabi’s, Muslim Punjabi’s are in majority and Hindu Punjabi’s are in second position, whereas Sikh at third and Christians are at fourth number. What is the stance of Hindu Punjabi’s? What type of relationship they have with Sikh and Christian Punjabi's in India being Punjabi? These factors are more concerned for boast of “International Punjabi nationalism” by the Indian Punjabi's, as compare to sectarianism in Pakistan.

Until clarification of doubts from the end of Indian Punjabi's, Pakistani Punjabi's will remain bifurcated by hanging in “Punjabi Nationalism” and “Pakistani Punjabi Nationalism”. Punjabi Nationalism will assimilate the Pakistani Punjabi's with Non-Muslim Punjabi's i.e; Sikh Punjabi, Christian Punjabi and Hindu Punjabi. Whereas, Pakistani Punjabi Nationalism will assimilate the Pakistani Punjabi's with Non-Punjabi Muslim nations i.e; Sindh Muslim, Baloch Muslim and Pukhtoon Muslim.

As for, matter of land is concerned both Muslim and Sikh Punjabi's have entitlement of their lands in shape of Punjab in Pakistan and Punjab in India, whereas, Hindu Punjabi's are scattered in all over India and they don’t have interest in particular land, while, Muslim and Sikh Punjabi's have strong binding and emotional attachment with their own lands.

As for, matter of language is concerned, both Muslim and Hindu Punjabi's have same type of mindset, if Muslim Punjabi's are inclined towards Urdu language for assimilation with Non-Punjabi Muslim Pakistanis, likewise, Hindu Punjabi's also have the inclination towards Hindi to assimilate themselves with Non-Punjabi Hindus.

From the prospect of governance and administrative authorities, as compare to Sikh, Christian and Hindu Punjabi's of India, Muslim Punjabi's of Pakistan are in better position. Due to political immaturity, incompetence and inefficiency, Punjabi had subordinating role in politics and media organizations. However, now Punjabi's are moving towards political maturity, competency and efficiency along with control on media organizations. However, because of 60% population of Pakistan, higher education and technical skill, Punjabi domination is visible in national and foreign affairs bureaucracy, military and civil establishment, skilled and technical professions, agriculture and livestock fields, business and trade sectors of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Muslim Punjabi's have very close relationship with Christian Punjabi's, they are treated as Punjabi by the Punjabi Muslims instead of treating them as Christian.

Muslim Punjabi's also have soft corner and great respect for Sikh Punjabi's because of their strong ties with Punjabi language, culture, traditions, owner of Punjabi land and bordering neighbor.

As for Hindu Punjabi's are concerned; assimilation of Muslim Punjabi's with Hindu Punjabi's seems very difficult because of inclination of Hindu Punjabi's towards Hindi language and priority towards Hindi culture and traditions instead of Punjabi language, culture, traditions and not having the ownership of Punjabi land.

In Pakistan, Muslim Punjabi's are on path of “Pakistani Punjabi Nationalism”, for success, they only need to quit Urdu and instead of UP-ites, they need to interact, support and assimilate with Sindhi, Baloch and Pukhtoon nations. It is not a difficult task, because Sindhi, Baloch and Pukhtoon nations are deprived nations because of their socio-economical ignorance by the Muslim Punjabi's due to unnecessary sponsorship to Urdu language, Gunga Jumna culture and UP-ites domination by ignoring the share of original and actual entities of Pakistan i.e. Sindhi’s, Balochi’s and Pukhtoon's.

As for Indian Punjabi's i.e. Sikh and Hindu Punjabi's are concerned, because of own land, strong binding with Punjabi culture, tradition and bordering nation of Muslim Punjabi's, in future, mutual interaction and cooperation is presumed between Muslim and Sikh Punjabi's with dissimilarity of religion but as for Hindu Punjabi's are concerned;

1. Will they prefer the Punjabi language, culture and traditions?

2. Will they quit the Hindi language, culture and traditions as the Muslim Punjabi's are ready to quit Urdu language, culture and traditions?

3. Will they assimilate themselves with Punjabi Sikhs, as assimilation of Muslim Punjabi's presumed with Sikh Punjabi's?

4. Will they assimilate themselves with Punjabi Christians, as assimilation of Muslim Punjabi is already increasing day by day with Christians Punjabi's of Pakistan?