Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tragedy with Mother Tongue of Punjabi's.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh made Lahore his capital and was able to expand the kingdom to the Khyber Pass and also included Jammu and Kashmir while keeping the British from expanding across the River Sutlej for more than 40 years.

After his death in 1839 the internecine fighting between the Sikhs and several rapid forfeitures of territory by his sons, along with the intrigues of the Dogras and two Anglo-Sikh wars, eventually led to British control of the Lahore Darbar ten years later.

For the British, Punjab was a frontier province, because Punjab had boundaries with Afghanistan, Russia, and China. Therefore, the Punjabis, unlike the Bengalis and the Sindhis, were not allowed to use their mother tongue as an official language due to a fear of Punjabi nationalism, therefore, the British first introduced Urdu as an official language in Punjab, including Lahore, allegedly.

In Punjab, non-educated, agriculture-related and rural residents speak Punjabi, owns Punjabi culture and follow Punjabi traditions but due to educational and official status of Urdu in Punjab, the majority of the elite class, government servants, and urban residents, do not have respect, regard, and honor for their mother language, culture, and traditions.

Urdu Speaking UP-ites, those concurred foremost cities of Punjab during British rule and after the creation of Pakistan, is also a major problem for Punjabi Language, culture and traditions. By camouflaging in Punjabi skin, these UP-ite Urdu speaking Muhajirs are main conspirators in Punjab to confuse Punjabi elite class, government servants and urban residents by degrading Punjabi language and support to Urdu with the propaganda of Binding Language for Pakistani People, rather Language of Muslims. Therefore, the basic assembling and vital binding force for Punjab and Punjabi nation, i.e. Punjabi language is not an official and educational language of Punjab.

However, without patronage and ignorant attitude of Government of Pakistan, still Punjabi, the language of 60% Pakistanis, is the 9th Most Spoken Language of World.

01. Chinese (Mandarin) – 935 Million Native Speakers

02. Spanish – 387 Million Native Speakers

03. English – 365 Million Native Speakers

04. Hindi – 295 Million Native Speakers

05. Arabic – 280 Million Native Speakers

06. Portuguese – 204 Million Native Speakers

07. Bengali – 202 Million Native Speakers

08. Russian – 160 Million Native Speakers

09. Punjabi – 130 Million Native Speakers.

10. Japanese – 127 Million Native Speakers