Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Punjabi Nation will be "Asian Tiger" in 2020-2030.

Politics of Pakistan is boosting towards the sentiments of ethnic, cultural, traditional and regional issues of nationalities, because of that the future politics of Pakistan is predicted to be the “Politics of Nationalism”.

Socially and politically Punjabi was a depressed and deprived nation due to hegemony of Urdu language and Gunga Jumna Culture, supremacy of UP-ites and UP-ite mindsets in policy making and decision making of national affairs and foreign relations since from 1849 (due to many factors) however, because of future geopolitical situation of Pakistan, Punjabi's will receive the International stimulation, motivation, facilitation, and sponsorship to become a "Great Nation of Sub-Content.”

At present Punjabi nation is under pressure because of communication and energy corridor war game at “Baluchistan to Silk route” between USA and China. It is presumed that; the USA desire the same role of Pakistanis against China which they performed against Russia but Punjabi’s are reluctant because China is a neighboring nation and a trusted friend of Pakistan.

It is a general presumption in Punjabi's that, in past few decades, the USA was behind arm twisting of Punjab by motivation of Muhajir’s, Sindhi’s, Balochi’s and Pukhtoon’s against Punjab and Punjabi’s along with conspiracy of South Punjab province with stunt of Saraiki issue, however, if US wants to retain domination in Afghanistan and desire to keep Punjabi’s in US camp, not in China, Russia etc. camp than USA have no alternative option other than to stop conspiracies against Punjab and Punjabi's along with building mutual respectable cooperation and working relationship with Punjabi nation. Therefore, in future, USA, China, Russia, and Iran will prefer to maintain a healthy relationship with Punjab.

Whatever, the situation may be, but the Grip of Punjabi’s on social, cultural, political and economic affairs of Pakistan along with policy making and decision taking in national concerns and foreign relations of Pakistan will become very strong and "Punjabi Nation" will be the "Asian Tiger" in 2020-2030. Sindhi, Baloch and Pukhtoon's will remain the part of Pakistan with complete autonomy at local and provincial affairs after withdrawing from conspiracies against Punjab and Punjabi nation.

This is the last and declining decade for the hegemony of Urdu language and Gunga Jumna Culture along with supremacy of UP-ites and UP-ite mindsets in policy making and decision making of national affairs and the foreign relationship of Pakistan.

In future, Punjabi’s having Punjabi mindset will dominate the Bureaucracy, Establishment, Foreign Affairs, Politics, Print and Electronic Media along with total control on Agriculture, Industry and Trade Business of Pakistan. Non-Punjabi mindset Punjabi’s would be treated as “Traitors of Punjab and Punjabi Nation.”