Friday, 24 March 2017

How to Redress and Resolve the Crisis of Karachi?

In Karachi, legal or illegal refugees from India, those are 25% population of Karachi and they came from UP, CP, Bihar, have fascist, terrorist and violent organization under cover of a political party and under leadership of Altaf Hussain, one of UP-ite belonging Urdu speaking Hindustani Muhajir from Agra, now residing in London. They claim that Karachi is a Muhajir city and they are the owners of Karachi. NO, space for 15% Punjabi's, 15% Pukhtoon's, 10% Sindhi's, 10% Gujarati's, 5% Rajasthani's, 5% Balochi's and 15% others for political, social & economic activities at Karachi level without will & wish of Muhajir's.

Karachi is a cosmopolitan city. Therefore, political dynamics of Karachi is different from rest of the country but it is under political supremacy and domination of UP, CP and Bihari's since decades due to their political fascism, intellectual terrorism, and physical violence.

Beside the UP, CP and Bihari's, other major communities of Karachi are;

1. Afghani

2. Bahawalpuri

3. Balochi

4. Bohra

5. Brohi

6. Bengali

7. Buneri

8. Chitrali

9. Christian

10. Derawali

11. Fasilabadi

12. Gilgati

13. Gujrati

14. Hazara

15. Hindu

16. Ismaili

17. Jangli

18. Junagarhi

19. Kashmiri

20. Kohati

21. Kohistani

22. Kuchi

23. Lahori

24. Makrani

25. Malbari

26. Marwari

27. Memon

28. Mianwali

29. Multani

30. Parsi

31. Peshawari

32. Pothwari

33. Rajasthani

34. Saraiki

35. Sawabi

36. Sawati

37. Sialkoti

38. Silawat

39. Sindhi

40. Waziristani

Karachi is facing the height of social polarization, law lessens and economic disaster. Although everyone is willing and wishing for the law and order, social harmony and stable economy of Karachi but in matter of fact without redressing and resolving the ambiguity, doubts, insecurity and uncertainty of Non-UP, CP and Non-Bihari communities of Karachi, problems of social polarization, law lessens and economic disaster of Karachi will never be redressed and resolved. Furthermore, it will enhance the crisis in future.

It is essential for major political parties to rectify the dilemma of a cosmopolitan city. But, to be the publicly well-liked, well-built, popular, leading, stable and well-established political party of Karachi, political parties are required to accumulate the political mind personalities from all the communities of Karachi as office bearers in their party structure and candidates for the elections of City Council, Provincial and National Assemblies.