Saturday, 4 March 2017

Sindhis Ruled Pakistan due to Political Stupidity of Punjabi Nation.

It was the political stupidity of Punjabis that Sindhis were given the chance to rule Pakistan again and again.

From 1970-1977 Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, 1985-1988 Muhammad Khan Junejo, 1988-90 Benazir Bhutto, 1993-96 Benazir Bhutto, 2008-13 Asif Zardari ruled Pakistan.

In a matter of fact, with 41 seats out of 272 seats in the national assembly of Pakistan, Sindhis were required to sit in opposition or to follow the Punjabi majority in the national assembly of Pakistan because of 150 seats of Punjab out of 272 seats in the national assembly of Pakistan.

Even in Sindh, Karachi is in the political occupation of PPP because, the Muhajir, Punjabi, Pathan, Gujrati, Rajasthani is the majority population of Karachi and they are not in favor to provide the political support to the Sindhi politicians or Sindhi political party PPP but, PPP rules the Karachi due to managing the majority of Sindh assembly seats from rural Sindh on ground of Sindhi Card.