Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Pakistani Punjab was Ruled by Pathans after Partition of Punjab?

After the division of Punjab without including any Punjabi member in the 10 members committee for the division of Punjab and massacre of 2 million Punjabis, dislocation of 20 million Punjabis as the result of the division of Punjab, the Dominion of Pakistan was created.

After creation of Pakistan, Sindhi Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the Governor General of Pakistan, an Urdu Speaking Hindustani Muhajir of Uttar Pradesh, Liaquat Ali Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a Britisher Robert Francis Mudie was the Governor of Punjab and a Pathan Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mamdot took oath as the Chief Minister of Punjab on 15 August 1947.

Pathan Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mamdot governed the Punjab for 17 months (15 Aug 1947-25 Jan 1949), until he was removed from the government due to dissolving the elected assembly of Punjab and imposition of Governor rule in Punjab by the Urdu Speaking Hindustani Muhajir Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan on 25 January 1949. Punjab assembly was the first assembly in Pakistan which was dissolved within 17 months after the creation of Pakistan.

After dissolving the elected assembly and imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab, another Pathan Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mamdot was appointed as the Governor of PunjabPunjab was the first province in Pakistan where Governor Rule was imposed.

Pathan Iftikhar Hussain Khan was the first Pakistani governor in Pakistan's history, till that time the British government had still continued governing with previous English Governors. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar ancestors belonged to a prominent Kakar Pashtun family originally of Zhob and settled in Peshawar.

Immediately after creation of PakistanPakistan was ruled by the Sindhi Governor General of Pakistan and Urdu Speaking Hindustani Muhajir Prime Minister of Pakistan. But;

Why Punjab was ruled by the Pathans?

What is indicates?

Pakistani Muslim Punjabis were incapable, ineffective, inefficient, incompetent, unqualified to rule their own motherland after creation of Pakistan but they were capable, effective, efficient, competent, qualified to rule United Punjab during British Rule because of that, Muslim Punjabis dominated the political scene in Punjab from World War I to the partition of the Punjab in 1947 therefore, Sir Sikandar Hayat was the Chief Minister of United Punjab from 1937-1942 and Khizar Hayat was the Chief Minister of United Punjab from 1942-1947?