Monday, 27 March 2017

Why Muslims of Uttar Pradesh are disliked in India and Pakistan?

The choice of Yogi Adityanath of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, in the countries most populous state (200 m population with around 40 m Muslims) has shocked most liberal Indians as well as people from around the world. He is rabidly anti-Muslim and has openly called for a ‘Hindu Rashtra (nation)’. He has often told Muslims of Uttar Pradesh to leave India if they do not do the Surya Namaskarand.

In his speech, after being made the CM, Adityanath claimed that Hindu culture and Muslim culture can never co-exist and that a religious war is inevitable. Further, he stressed that the Hindus need to get organized and face this challenge in the most aggressive fashion possible. Yet another speaker promised that after the formation of Hindu Rashtra, the voting rights of Muslims will be taken away. He stated that Muslims of India will be treated as the 2nd class citizens.

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have now chosen Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The decision raises many questions, as U.P has the largest Muslim population in India and India’s calling itself secular.

On another side, in Karachi, legal or illegal refugees from India, those are 25% population of Karachi and they came from UP, CP, Bihar, have fascist, terrorist and violent organization under cover of a political party and under leadership of Altaf Hussain, one of Uttar Pradesh belonging Urdu speaking Hindustani Muhajir from Agra, now residing in London. They claim that Karachi is a Muhajir city and they are the owners of Karachi. NO, space for 15% Punjabi's, 15% Pukhtoon's, 10% Sindhi's, 10% Gujarati's, 5% Rajasthani's, 5% Balochi's and 15% others for political, social & economic activities at Karachi level without will & wish of Muhajir.

Karachi is a cosmopolitan city. Therefore, political dynamics of Karachi is different from rest of the country but it is under political and cultural supremacy and domination of UP, CP and Bihari's since decades due to their political fascism, intellectual terrorism, and physical violence in the result of proxy politics of India by means of MQM.

Pakistan is a victim of conspiracies by the Urdu Speaking Muslim UP-ites from inside and Hindi Speaking Hindu UP-ites from the neighborhood by the proxy interference in Pakistan by the Indian government due to the influence and domination of Hindi speaking Hindu UPites or Hindi speaking Hindu mindset in Indian establishment.

Hindi and Urdu are sister languages and both have conspirator attitude. Since centuries Uttar Pradesh was a conspirator zone in India led by Hindi Speaking Hindus and Urdu Speaking Muslims of Uttar Pradesh.

After the partition of India Urdu Speaking, Muslims captured Pakistan for their conspiracies and original nations of Pakistan i.e. Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Pathan are facing their conspiracies since 69 years.

Whereas Hindi Speaking Hindus of Uttar Pradesh dominated the India and other nations of India are facing their conspiracies since 69 years.

Punjabi's on both sides were their main supporters in conspiracies. In India Hindu, Punjabi's were supporters of conspiracies by the Hindi Speaking Hindus of Uttar Pradesh against other nations of India and in Pakistan Muslim Punjabi's were supporters of conspiracies by the Urdu Speaking Muslims of Uttar Pradesh, against other nations of Pakistan.

At present, Muslim Punjabi's in Pakistan has traced the root of conspiracies against Pakistan and original nations of Pakistan, including the Punjabi nation in Pakistan i.e. Urdu Speaking Muslims from India (UP-ites). Therefore, Muslim Punjabi's are withdrawing their support to UPites and Urdu, which they were providing to them due to trusting them that; they are true Muslims and patriotic Pakistanis and Urdu language would be the binding force between original entities of Pakistan but, after a period of 69 years, it proved vise-verse.

In Pakistan "Punjabi Nation" along with Sindhi nation, Baloch nation, Pathan nation, is a social victim of Urdu language, Gunga Jamna culture and UP-ite traditions along with administrative and political supremacy of "Urdu Speaking UP-ite Muslims" and "UP-ite Mindset Establishment" in national and international affairs policy making and decision taking of Pakistan.

Whereas, In Indian Punjab "Punjabi Nation" along with Maratha nation, Bhojpuri nation, Telugu nation, Tamil nation, Rajasthani nation, Kannada nation, Gujarati nation, Oriya nation, Malayalam nation, Assamese nation, Hindu Bengali, is a social victim of Hindi language, Gunga Jamna culture and UP-ite traditions along with administrative and political supremacy of "Hindi Speaking UP-ite Hindus" and "UP-ite Mindset Establishment" in national and international affairs policy making and decision taking of India.