Thursday, 23 June 2016

UP-ite Hegemony Obsession in Punjab and Sindh.

Amir Khan speaks my heart and mind. I have listened to the audio; it is an informative exposition of the past and current political, ethnolinguistic faultiness. The problem with these Urdu Speaking UP-ites is not just Urdu, but the entire social norms they have bought in Punjab and Sindh with them and are seeking to implant throughout the federation.

UP-ites are in actual fact rootless and without foundation. It is no surprise as their linguistic, literary, historical and racial origins are found in the Indo Gangetic plain of Northern India. But, much of the social change that has taken place in Punjab and Sindh has led to the gradual loss of native cultures, languages and identity of this region. Much of the westernization, liberalism, modernism and a penchant for capitalism, we have been seeing in urban areas of Punjab and Sindh is a product of these same UP-ites and their Urdu speaking Punjabi bedfellows.

If one is to view some of these decadent Urdu dramas on Urdu TV channels, you will see they have an inherent admiration, respect and awe of all things Western, their lifestyle, culture, food, mannerism etc. Albeit all with an Islamic makeover, all these Urdu media channels are infatuated with Western culture, English language, Western higher education institutes, food, traditions, eating habits, etc, all this being to inculcate a Western lifestyle, consumerism and way of thinking for the viewers watching them or listening to them.

All this is a product of UP-ite decadent material culture and they are now spreading this socially perverse tradition and lifestyle throughout Punjab and Sindh. This is the reason why these same UP-ites and their Punjabi bedfellows have been getting into bed with Uncle Sam on so many occasions. In fact, along with Army, Allah, America has also found a place to define the character and political interests of these shameful Urdu speakers.

Urdu speakers in Lahore and Islamabad are a self loathing group of people, they suffer from an inferiority complex and shame when you are to remind them of their ethnolinguistic roots and origins. The indigenous Punjabi speakers in Punjab are not only humble, modest and morally grounded and simple, but they are proud of who and what they are and what they stand for. Their history, language, literature, the opposite of them are the UP-ites and their bedfellows, who on close inspection are imbibed with qualities of arrogance, pride, materialism and a total lack of ethnic, linguistic and historic identity.

The hegemony of Urdu identity, the social, historical norms and parameters brings with it is succeeding to a large extent in Punjab and Sindh, urban regions more so. However, in KP due to the strong tribal, ethnic and linguistic identity of the people, along with their pride, it has not succeeded. Pashtuns are taking full advantage of this state of affairs in their own ethnic, linguistic and commercial interests throughout the federation.

To legitimize and lend credence to the UP hegemony obsession with power and control, it has through the pens of various individuals consistently been continuing to vilify, caricatures, castigate and criticize the indigenous natives of Punjab and Sindh, along with all, that they stand for in regards their ethnic, linguistic and historical identity.

Almost the entire cream of Punjabis literary, social and academic circles has been representing this brand of thought for too long, the centers of this brand of thought are in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. This hegemony octopus that us spreading its infectious tentacles throughout the length and breadth of this federation, using both the written and electronic media, institutes of learning, syllabus, mosques and madrassas, to establish their control of the land and the natives of this region.

The whole political, bureaucratic and social system prevalent in Punjab is a result of these Urdu speaking elitists, it is this system that has given us the despised zamindaar, sanat kaar and sarmaya daar classes today who are sucking the wealth, blood and sweat of the natives of Punjab and Sindh. Whilst these same rootless Urdu elitists have their tickets already reserved to Dubai, London or Switzerland with billions of stolen wealth built on the backs of the Punjabi and Sindhi peasants to be enjoyed when the tide finally turns against them.

Courtesy of Baloch Sindhi Punjabi