Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sindh is more under influence of Urdu As Compare To Punjab.

If any Punjabi speaks Urdu or English in urban areas of Punjab than it does not mean that Punjabi is not able to speak Punjabi. Every Punjabi in urban areas of Punjab also know to speak one or two languages as secondary language besides Punjabi but, the primary language of every Punjabi is Punjabi only. If any Punjabi do not know Punjabi as his/her primary language than he/she is no more Punjabi.

Everywhere in the streets of Punjab cities, towns, villages, agricultural fields, factories, markets, shops, banks, post offices, courts, police stations, bus stations, railway stations, people speak Punjabi. But, the Educational and official language of Punjab is not Punjabi, it is Urdu. In Punjab, people speak Urdu as their second language due to the status of Urdu as an official national, provincial language and the educational language of Punjab.

Domination of Urdu is not the problem of Punjab only. Sindh is more under influence of Urdu. Although the official language of province Sindh is Sindhi but, due to the domination of Urdu Speaking Muhajirs in urban areas of Sindh, the Urdu language is dominant in Sindh, especially, the urban areas of Sindh are totally under domination of Urdu and in factories, markets, shops, banks, post offices, courts, police stations, bus stations, railway stations, people speaks Urdu and Sindhi is mainly spoken in the small cities, towns, villages, agricultural fields of rural areas of Sindh.

Therefore, combined movement of Punjabi nation and Sindhi nation is necessary to replace Urdu by the native languages of Punjab and Sindh. For the purpose, the Sindhi nation is required to demand that the language of the minority population of Pakistan be replaced by the 60% majority population of Pakistan and the Punjabi language be declared as the national language of Pakistan.

It will help the Sindhi language in Sindh to be the practical spoken language of Sindh. Because, after declaring the Punjabi language as the national language of Pakistan in place of Urdu, the Urdu will lose the patron ship from the people of Punjab and support of Punjabi people in the urban areas of Sindh. Therefore, besides Punjabis and Sindhis, the Pashto, Hindko, Balochi, Brahvi, Gujarati, Rajasthani and speakers of other languages in Sindh will start to speak the Sindhi or Punjabi in place of Urdu.