Thursday, 16 June 2016

Why Pakistani Politicians are Dependent on Establishment?

It is the worst drawback of Pakistan that; the political parties are neither so much organized nor they have competent personalities to meet the problems either at the international and national level or even at provincial and local level.

In a democratic political system, the government is formed by general election success after achieving and receiving the public mandate for a political party. However, in Pakistan, political parties were never organized and systematized by the party owners, according to the political ethics and manners, along with party manifesto.

Most of the political parties work like private limited companies and have their own sole agents, distributors and salesman’s, because of that, most of the politicians have their own paid workers and working partners.

They behave with the political workers like customers and they treat the general public like slaves.

Therefore, the public is disappointed, dissatisfied, disillusioned from politicians and political parties.

Whereas, political leaders are dependent on the establishment, for leadership and governance, like the owners of private limited companies always remain dependent on government departments.

Therefore, political parties of Pakistan are in need of appropriate reorganization by considering the necessity of cadres at union council, tehsil, district, province and national level. These "cadres" should include the people:

(a) Those possess the intellectual wisdom to prepare proper plans and programs. (Leaders or Initiators)
(b) Those have the organizational skill to organize and systematize the party. (Workers or Motivators)

(c) Those are socially well respected among the masses and capable of impressing the public. (Supporters or Actors)

For the reason, that, grooming of local, provincial and national leadership is not possible without well organized and systematized political parties, as per party manifesto and according to the political ethics and manners. Otherwise, un-groomed politicians, un-organized and non-systematized political parties will remain dependent on the establishment of Pakistan for the purpose of leadership and governance, as many political parties have done it since for a long time.

Moreover, dictatorial rulers and puppet politicians will remain the choice for international players and none of the political government will be able to redress economic disaster, social polarization, administrative victimization and judicial injustice.

However, politics will remain a game for economically rich and power hunger persons and their team members, because of that; there will be no hope of change in prevailing political culture.

Furthermore, due to domination and control of opportunists, hypocrites, and power as well as money hunger persons in governance and politics of Pakistan, the people of Pakistan will remain under threat of administrative victimization and judicial injustice along with economic disaster and social polarization.