Friday, 3 February 2017

What was the Ethnic Background of Generals in 1971 Indo-Pakistani War?

During the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War, the number of Generals in Pakistan Army was 14. One was Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army and 13 were Lt Generals.

Four were posted at the GHQ/CMLA HQ,

Four were corps commanders.

Four were governors under the martial law.

One at the CENTO HQ in AnkaraTurkey.

1. General Yahya Khan was the Commander-in-Chief,

2. Lt General Abdul Hamid Khan was the deputy C-in-C,

3. Lt Gen S.G.M.M. Peerzada was the PSO CMLA HQ in Rawalpindi,

4. Lt Gen Gul Hassan Khan was the Chief of General Staff (CGS),

5. Lt Gen Khawaja Wasiuddin was the Master-General of Ordnance (MGO).

6. Army's Eastern Command was under Lt Gen A.A.K. Niazi,

7. 1 Corps was under Lt Gen Irshad Ahmad Khan,

8. II Corps was under Lt Gen Tikka Khan,

9. IV Corps was under Lt Gen Bahadur Sher.

10. Governor Punjab was Lt Gen Attiqur Rahman.

11 Governor Sindh was Lt Gen Rakhman Gul.

12. Governor NWFP was Lt Gen K.M. Azhar.

13. Governor Balochistan was Lt Gen Riaz Hussain.

14. Lt Gen Muhammad Shariff was sent as Permanent Representative to the CENTO HQ in Turkey.

The GHQ posts of QMG and AG was below the rank of Major-Generals.